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Sensei Justin Smith

Sensei Justin began his martial arts training as a result of a troubled upbringing. At the time, Justin, his mother, brother and sister lived in a small apartment in a tough Philadelphia neighborhood. Without a father or step father in the household 11 year old Justin assumed, "There is no one here to tell me what to do" and as a result stopped going to school, got involved with the wrong crowd, experimented with alcohol, shop lifted. Given the environment, this seemed to be the path Justin would continue to walk. After a few run ins with law enforcement, a concerned uncle approached him and asked, quite simply, "Karate or boxing? Pick one or I'll pick for you." Always having an admiration for the likes of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, Justin chose the martial arts. It was there, at 12 years old, that he would begin the journey toward becoming one of the MA industry's top instructors. Justin truly is the story of the stereotypical, troubled teen making his way up in the world.

First as a student under Grand Master Dennis Tosten then as an avid sport martial arts fighter, Justin gained respect from not only those in the Amerikick circle but in the national spotlight. Fighting under the banner of Team Smash then Team IDC, Justin had competed and won in competitive sparring events spanning the United States and Canada. His passion for competitive fighting is second only to his enthusiasm for teaching the martial arts to students ranging from 3 years to 65+. Defined by structure, discipline, commitment and desire to bring out the best in every one of his students, Justin deserves to be placed (in the opinion of this bio's author) in the top 1%. He, quite simply, is a cut above the rest!

Currently, Justin owns an Amerikick Martial Arts school in Langhorne, PA serving 500 active members.

Sensei Justins Accomplishments

  • 5th Degree Black Belt Kenpo Karate
  • Black Belt in Filipino Modern Arnis
  • Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • 20+ years Teaching Experience

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