Habits and Practice

“Habits are the things that we consistently do.  Habits can be either good or bad.  One of our goals as martial artists is to develop good habits.  In particular, practice Habits.”

  1. “When you practice consistently, you get better.  When you get better, you become excited.  When you are excited, you want to learn and practice more.  This is how amazing martial artists are made.”  Developing good study Habits is whats going to help bring you academic success as well.
  1. “All great achievements require time, effort and dedication. What is the secret to becoming great at the martial arts??  Developing good Practice / Study Habits.  It only takes a few minutes, 5-10, a few times per week and your class performance will start to soar.  Even if things come easy to you at the early stages of Training or even School, you still need to develop good practice Habits, so when challenges do come whether it be in your Karate Training or Academically, you've developed the ability to Train / Study your Best!  That’s a key ingredient to becoming great.”  Knowing How To Study".
  1. “The more you practice….The better you get"

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