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There is so much information in the world of health and fitness.   There is definitely no lack of thoughts, opinions, diets, workout suggestions…  With a world of information at our finger tips, we sometimes find our head spinning with ideas.   At the end of the day the best piece of advice you could ever follow is,  “Be consistent, follow a diet and invest time in a fitness program.”   Your results are a direct result of how much and how hard you focus on  these 3 key ingredients.

With that being said, let’s explore a few fitness myths and eliminate them from our health and fitness planning:

Crunches and sit ups will help you lose that unwanted belly fat.   Although  speed and technique can alter the rate at which your metabolism fires,  crunches and sit ups have very little to do with the amount of belly fat loss.   If you want those abs to pop, it’s all about your diet!  Sure, doing more ab  work will make those abs stronger but they will stay in hiding until we starting  eating the right stuff. 

I should destroy myself during every workout.   Although you should set goals to increase the intensity of your training program,  it is not the end all be all.  In fact, simply changing the your workout pattern,  order of exercises, time of day are just as important as increasing your intensity.  

I need to follow the “INSERT POPULAR DIET.”   It seems like there is a new, trendy, diet plan that pops up every other week.   Some are worth following, others not so much!   The important question to ask yourself is, “Do my eating habits support my goals?”   That’s it!  Write down what you eat every day.  At the end of the day review what you have written and determine whether or  not your calorie intake is getting you closer to where you want to go. 

It’s all about the supplements you take!   Health, fitness and wellness go way beyond taking a pill or drinking a shake.  It’s about a lifestyle!  The right supplements are great in supporting a lifestyle  (especially Advocare - wink, wink) but are in no way a REPLACEMENT. 

Carbs are bad for me!   Eliminating carbs is not the solution for healthy weight management.   In fact, if your workouts are intense, you need more carbs than the average person.  Think of your eating as the fuel necessary to drive toward your goals.   Simply eliminating a primary source of fuel (carbs) is definitely not healthy.   Write a list of good carbs and integrate into a balanced diet. 

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