"What are you eating these days?"

There is no secret to healthy eating.  Every diet section in major book stores features endless information about dieting, eating, healthy cooking... it doesn't stop. Think about it!

Somewhere, right now, an expert is writing a book about the newest, hottest, cutting edge way to diet.  They have facts that were taken form the latest study done by a prestigious university by top doctors.  Although these can be great reads, let's be perfectly honest!  How many people actually follow through with them?

The truth of the matter is that healthy eating starts and ends with the most important person in the world, YOU!!

Below are 5 tips to designed to motivate and kick those healthy eating habits in the A$%#!

Brain Games:  Yes that's right!  We are going to play a game with our brains.  This game involves linking an undesirable image to bad foods and a positive image to good foods.  Our goal is to create a vivid, negative feeling about bad foods and a positive, motivating image about good foods. 

Motivation Reminders: It's probably safe to say that we spend more time on our smart phones than ever before.  Whether you're updating facebook post, tweeting, uploading a picture on instagram or texting a friend you're connecting with the world in many different ways.  Why not use this technology to set up daily motivational reminders?

For example, set an alert on your phone to ring at 12:30 pm everyday.  The subject line of the reminder might say something like, "someone out there doesn't think you have the will power to do it" or "when is the right time to get into the best shape of your life" or "nothing great ever came from a comfort zone!"  Try it!  What's the worst that could happen?

Aren't You Curious?:  Many great people in history have had an intense curiosity.  They wondered, "what if?"  With that being said, ask yourself the following questions. 

What would happen if I got out of my own way and ate ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGfor 3 months straight?

How would I feel if I stay away from soda for the next 2 weeks?

How would eating more meals that included spinach, kale and asparagus effect my mood?

It's worth a shot!  Right?

One More Thing

Consider the Alternative:  Close your eyes for a second and paint an intense mental image of someone who eats junk food, fast food, soda, sugar and fried foods everyday of every week.  Then, open your eyes and look in the mirror.  Imagine how that persons feels, behaves, acts and functions in society.  Now imagine that person is you!!  Scary thought? 

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