Why Some People Get Into Shape While Others Don't

If you take a look around any fitness facility, you’ll find many different types of people.  Some people are completely engaged in their workout, others are there for leisure and some are completely wasting their time

It doesn’t matter which fitness center you attend, you’ll find much of the same across the board.  So what separates people who are completely into their workouts/ wildly excited about their progress from those who experience ZERO to little results!

A few thoughts to contemplate:

Is your goal to engage or to be distracted?

If your goal is to find distraction, you’re in luck!  There are literally thousands of distractions available: downloads, twitter feeds, facebook threads, directionless conversation, TMZ, fast food restaurants, the mall… There are so many things in the world today that are designed to provide a random shot of STIMULUS.  Don’t agree?  Just turn on your computer or mobile device and jump on the internet.

OK CHRIS!  WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH “WHY SOME PEOPLE GET INTO SHAPE WHILE OTHERS DON’T?”   The answer is EVERYTHING!  A huge difference between fitness over achievers and under achievers is the process of engaging. 

Those who engage and limit distraction, get completely lost in their workout.  It’s very similar to the serene focused feeling of meditation.  Their ambition kicks in and nothing will stand in the way of where they are and where they want to go.  Fitness isn’t something that they think they should do, it’s a way of life!

Learn the habit of C.A.N.E. (Constant and never ending engagement) and watch your fitness results sky rocket.

Is it work or something else?

Let’s think back to when we were little kids.  Mom and dad took us to the playground and we lit up with enthusiasm.  We ran to the monkey bars, climbed trees and begged NOT TO LEAVE!

Something happened as we matured.  Life took over until one day everything became work, a struggle, drudgery, “I NEED A VACATION,” problems…  We wake up every day and instead of being thankful for the opportunity ahead we says things like “I can’t wait until this week is over!”

Those who succeed at any physical fitness program are those who look at exercise like that little kid looks at the monkey bars, swings, trees and slides.  They love every second of their workout allow it to make them happy.  They beg NOT TO LEAVE.

In short, those who learn to love working out experience outstanding results!


If it’s not apart of your daily routine, it’s not going to work!  It’s that simple.  One idea for keeping that consistency is finding an emotional button.  For some people that button is positive.  For others that button is a negative (i.e. Out there somewhere, somebody thinks you’re not good enough!). 

Find that button ASAP.  Push it every time you feel like “giving up,” “taking a break,” or “quitting.”

That’s it for now!

Chris Millares

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