One of the coolest experiences as a young adult is buying your first car: the new car smell, the rev of the engine, the luminescent dashboard and that liberating feeling of driving off of the lot.

For at least the first couple of weeks, you take great pride in going to the grocery store, picking up milk, driving your friends etc. I remember that grown up feeling after leaving the dealership with my dad (I also remember that grown up feeling of my first car payment, ugh!!).

Imagine for a second, taking your brand new car  to the gas station and instead of gas, filling your tank with ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and butter. 

Would it run the same?

Of course not!

Think of your body as that brand New Car.  What are you feeding it and is it helping you run at full capacity.

Chris Millares

AmeriKick Langhorne


P.S.  Remember eating right along with

exercising regularly go hand in hand.

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