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The concept of concentration is not readily apparent to children.

They have no frame of reference and simply uttering the word Concentrate,  repeatedly will not increase their understanding of it.

Martial Arts had 3 elements embedded within  its regimen that promotes the  self learning of concentration.

  1. The Physical
  2. The Mental
  3. The Application

What separates Martial Arts from other activities  that require concentration is Focus, Respect & Discipline.   The learning environment here at our  school is upbeat and exciting. We make learning fun, exciting,  challenging as well as engaging all while maintaining the core values like  Focus, Respect & Discipline. Children want to apply themselves and  perform at their highest level.


The various training segments implemented  in our classes from agility exercises, to  response-time training, to speed, strength,  stamina and anticipation drills build  a students ability to Concentrate.  Martial Arts is Different…  It teaches the consciousness how to quickly evoke  a state of focus and concentration.  

Then through the consistency of our class  training that develops into the subconscious where the ability to react and respond  without thought becomes Habit.

AmeriKick… Building Character through Martial Arts… Lessons in Life!


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