If you google “in shape,” you’ll find a wide variety of things.  On one end of the spectrum, you’ll find a picture of Lou Ferrigno in his hay day.  On the other end, you’ll find a yoga instructor sitting quietly in the park meditating!  Throughout that space in the middle, you’ll find just about everything else!!  So, when someone asks, “In your opinion, what does it mean to be in shape?”  I often reply with a conclusive, “It depends.” J

The truth of the matter is that it does depend.  It depends on exactly what you want and at what length you will go to get it!!  For me, it’s all about art!  It’s all about designing a picture in your mind of the body type that you want and working VORACIOUSLY to get there.   Below are some thoughts to kick around:

#1 Artwork

What piece of art do you want to create, sculpt and build in terms of your body type?  Find magazine pictures, internet pictures or just down right draw the image of how you see yourself.  As a guy and a kid at heart, I’ve always related to action figures!  That does the trick for me.

Look at these pictures every day to develop a strong subconscious image of what you want.  It goes a long way.

#2 “I used to workout”

Whenever someone says, “I used to work out all of the time” I respond inwardly by saying, “Well…What the hell happened?”  And yes, I flat out, damn straight, down right DON’T BUY anyone that fires out excuses about why they can’t keep in shape!!!  For me it’s a cop out and complete BS.  

Why?  Society has created so many ways/ programs/ gyms to improve the effectiveness, motivation, time conscious and enjoyment of the exercise experience . 

Still not with me?  Keep reading…

Just this morning, I shared a video of a boy with cerebral palsy finishing a triathlon.  Absolutely ASTOUNDING!!!  Every day that I go to my gym there is a woman, about 50 years old who is confined to a wheel chair.  She works out harder than most people that I meet on a daily basis, including me!!!

Still not with me?  NO HOPE.  Good luck!

#3 Progress is amazing!!

Progress is amazing!  It means that you are a little bit better than you were yesterday.  That’s OUTSTADING!!  Think about how many people spend their lives on the average train!!  Simply committing to your personal health, wellness and staying consistent puts you in the discussion for EVERY DAY GREATNESS!! 

That’s it for now!!  Ttys

Chris M.

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