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I always find it slightly amusing when I ask a class of students, “who’s excited about school this year?” More often than not, students respond with resounding groans, moans and utter discontent. Very rarely does a student express how amazing their experience is day in and day out!

Why? Why are kids so unhappy at school? I’ve met so many outstanding teachers with rockstar personalities… It’s not like kids are walking in to Ben Stine from Ferris Buehler’s Day Off!!!

The only reasonable answer I can think of is the OVERWHELMING amount of other stimuli in the world…From video games, I-pads and mind craft to the Sky Zones and Bounce U’s of the world, kids are bombarded with other things they would rather do.

As parents we want to motivate our kids and want the best for them. Consider the following ideas to helps motivate your kids this year.


Small rewards for results at school help develop great habits in kids. This can be something as simple and letting them download a new game on their electronic devices. Rewards play on conditioning the brain. The more good habits and behaviors are reinforced, the more consistent your child will be…



As human beings, we want to know how we are doing. Even millionaire entrepreneurs have barometers to gage their success. For example, any Philadelphia Eagles fan knows that the team had a tremendous set back this week. Think about how the public feedback must be effecting the dynamic between billionaire owner Jeffrey Lurie and coach Chip Kelly.

Feedback is the steering wheel of student success. Motivation is the gas pedal.



Communication Style 
“You can raise one child one way and he’ll grow up to be a lawyer. You can raise another child the same way and she’ll grow up to be a comedian!!” Why? Because people are different!!! Learning how our kids communicate/ understand the world/ process information goes a long way in helping them maximizing their potential.

Ask questions. Listen! The more time you spend fact finding, the more you will understand how to get the most out of your kids!


Do as I do!!

I can’t stand the phrase, “do as I say not as I do!” In my opinion, it communicates that a person is not willing to work on their bad habits. They’ve given up! Our actions, habits, ambitions go such a long way with getting the most out of our kids.

They resonate 10 times stronger than anything we could possibly communicate with words!!

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