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How to Sprout a Growth Mindset in Your Child & Why it will change their life.

Kids with a growth mindset believe that they have the potential to be good at anything.
Kids with a fixed mindset believe that their skills are based solely on who they are.

Believing that you are only as good as your natural abilities can have a terribly detrimental effect on the ability to succeed in school and even in the workplace.
Knowing that you can grow and overcome not only develops strong minds and bodies, but also tremendous confidence.
Of course, we all want our kids to grow up to be the best they can be.

Here is how to sprout that Growth Mindset:

1. Watch your praise - Always be on the look out for what your child is doing right. Make it a point to praise EFFORT more than the person. “I love how much time you have been putting into learning how to tie your shoes! If you keep this up you will get it in no time!”
Effort is something your child can control.
When they are rewarded and praised for hard work, they will start to link it with the outcome instead of linking natural ability to achievement.

2. Point out the past - Remind them of a past achievement and talk about how they overcame a struggle. Saying things like, “Remember when you started Karate and you struggled with your balance when you kicked? Now look at you! You can kick 3 or 4 times before you put your foot back on the ground!”
Then talk about what got them this far. Was it paying attention in class? Practicing at home? Try to get your child to come up with the answers!

3. Identify how you look at the world - Take some time and ask yourself, “How do I respond when faced with hardship?” Kids do what we do more than what we tell them to do.

4. Allow them to fail - It is very difficult to see your child struggle with something, but people with growth mindsets know that failure just means that they either haven’t practiced enough or that they need to figure out another way to tackle the challenge.
Letting your child work through their challenges while constantly praising effort is a surefire way to develop a resilient, I-can-do-it attitude.

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